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  • Jubilee Year Pilgrimage to Italy

    Pope Francis has designated 2025 a Jubilee or Holy Year.  A year of pilgrimage, prayer and reconciliation. The faithful, often at the end of a long pilgrimage, draw on the spiritual treasure of the Church by crossing the Holy Door and venerating the relics of the Apostles Peter and Paul kept in the Roman Basilicas. Millions and millions of pilgrims, over the centuries, have reached these holy places, giving living testimony to the faith of all time. To celebrate this Holy Year, Father Kozen is organizing a nine-day pilgrimage to Italy from October 15-23, 2025.  For additional information on how you can join him and other parishioners on this trip, please Click Here for additional information. 


    After practicing Roman Catholics, the second largest religious grouping in our country is “fallen-away” Catholics, i.e., those who rarely or no longer practice the Faith. A website has been created to assist those who wish to become active Catholics once again: www.catholicscomehome.org If you want to “come home” or know someone who needs some encouragement to do so, visit this site for some inspiration.